Meet Day FAQs & Info

  • Swimmers x 2 pairs
  • Swim Caps x 2 caps – good idea to reduce the incident of losing googles during a race, wear training cap, goggles with a club cap over the goggle strap.
  • Googles x 2 pairs
  • Towels x 2 to 3
  • Water, Food, Fruit, Healthy Snacks
  • Chair
  • Sunscreen

Please Note: This does depend on the length of the meeting and whether in or outdoors.

Club shirt or representative shirt
Warm clothing, hoodie or a swim parker
Suitable footwear
Hat – if outdoor meet

Usually, persons with qualifications to run the meet:

  • Referee,
  • Starter,
  • Marshalls
  • Judge of Strokes – ensure swimmers comply with swimming rules, and have the ability to disqualify swimmers if they break a rule.

Clubs participating at meets are required to provide volunteers to time keep, usually allocated a lane, the number of timekeepers per lane is currently 2, good practice to have 1 qualified/experienced and 1 non-experienced- opportunity to learn to time keep.

Very few carnivals have relays as part of the meet program. At Swimming North Coast Championships, there are relay events. Swimmers will be contacted if they wish to be a member of a relay team.